The Protection and Safety of Minors

Washington State University (University, WSU) is committed to providing a safe environment for minors participating in university-sponsored programs and programs held in or on university-owned or -controlled property. To support that mission, Risk Management Services (RMS) is responsible for overseeing  Executive Policy 14 (EP 14), its guidelines, and ensuring compliance. The minors safety program applies to youth not enrolled in WSU classes.

As required by EP 14, Section 5.1, registration is required of all programs involving minor participants at least 30 days before the program start date, in accordance with WAC 246-376-020. As we implement this new process we ask that you begin compliance efforts as soon as possible and have all programs registered by the end of the 2023 Fall Semester. Beginning January 1st, 2024, registration is required on an annual basis by December 31st.

For Departments with Significant Programming Activity

Programs such as WSU Extension and 4-H, may submit a request to Risk Management to register their programs once per calendar year.