International Travel for WSU Employees

BPPM 95.53 – International Travel Policy

Washington State University (WSU) personnel engage in international travel for research and educational activities and the institution takes reasonable steps to mitigate risk and ensure safety of students, faculty, staff, and itself. To support this objective and meet government regulations, BPPM 95.53 was created to ensure effective risk management and compliance. 

High Risk Destination (HDR)

BPPM 95.53 defines a High Risk Destination as any country, region and/or city with a Level 3 or Level 4 travel advisory rating issued by the United States (U.S.) Department of State, Travel Advisories. WSU may also consider as a HRD any location that poses a health, safety, or security risk, as indicated by other agencies such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC). WSU does not generally impose restrictions on faculty and staff to HRDs. However, faculty and staff are expected to be familiar with current Travel Advisories and comply with other federal regulations.

International Programs and Global Learning requires all faculty, staff and authorized volunteers traveling with students to HRD’s to complete and submit an assumption of risk and release liability form.

Below are risk management tips when engaging in international travel.

Pre-Travel Tips
  • Review BPPM 95.53 for pre-travel requirements such as the spend authorization process.
  • Obtain country travel advisory rating from the U.S. Department of State. BPPM 95.53 lists additional requirements for travel to countries rated a level 3 or 4.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive important information from the US Embassy in the destination country, and for the US Embassy to contact you in an emergency.
  • Ensure you have WSU’s International Travel Insurance information provided by On Call International. Travelers are highly encouraged to save the Plan ID Card and/or On Call’s contact information on their mobile devices.
  • Provide your department, friends, and family, with your emergency contact information prior to travel.
  • Review WSU ITS Electronic Device Security Tips for International Travel.
  • Review international Research and Export Control guidelines from the Office of Research Support and Operations.

International Travel Registry

As required by BPPM 95.53, WSU maintains an international travel registry for all university personnel. One purpose of this travel registry is to provide authorized travelers, including faculty, staff, graduate students on paid assistantships and timeslip appointments, and volunteers with information about the university’s Global Assistance and Insurance Program through On Call International.  

WSU On Call Orientation video

Risk Management Services administers this insurance program and makes it available to all authorized international travelers.  

Students, please reach out to International Programs

International Travel Insurance

WSU has partnered with On Call International to provide WSU employees with international travel insurance while traveling on WSU-related business. WSU’s international travel insurance includes broad coverage for emergencies that may arise during international travel.

  • Contact OnCall 24/7 Global Response Center using any of the methods below. These are also on the Travel Insurance ID Card you received during the Spend Authorization Process in Workday.
  • To submit a claim for self-incurred medical and travel expenses, email, and include the following:
    • Separate bill for each insured person (staff, student, faculty, volunteer)
    • All itemized bills. An itemized bill is a description of all actual charges.
    • Copies of any accompanying reports, itineraries, etc.