Cybersecurity & Privacy

Safeguarding data is essential to effective risk management of international activities, including travel and research. RMS has put together the cybersecurity and privacy resources below to support departments. Please visit ITS Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for more information related to cybersecurity and privacy. 

Cybersecurity Risk Management Tips

  • Identify sensitive research data and backup this data using a WSU-approved secure cloud server.
  • Do not save critical data on your personal devices, or on hard drives of any WSU-issued devices.

If traveling with any devices, you can take the following steps below to protect your data.

  1. Use WSU-issued devices, which are encrypted to safeguard against cyber threats. 
  2. Store sensitive data on a secured cloud drive. 
  3. Implement multi-factor authentication to enhance security. 
  4. Avoid using personal devices to access critical data. 
  5. Access the internet through a VPN connection and avoid connecting to public or non-password protected networks. 

  1. Avoid sharing sensitive data through unsecured channels. 
  2. Encourage the use of secure file transfer methods when sharing sensitive information. 
  3. Provide training on best practices around data sharing. 

  • Conduct periodic cybersecurity awareness training on Percipio. 
  • Adhere to WSU policies and training requirements for cybersecurity and privacy. 

Please see WSU Information Technology Services Electronic Device Security Tips for International Travel

For more resources on cybersecurity, please contact WSU Chief Information and Security Officer (CISO), 

Privacy Risk Management

For Privacy Risk Management please take a look at our page on Privacy Risk Management & Laws.