International Travel

WSU Employee:

If you are traveling internationally on WSU-related business, please review the On Call Travelers Orientation Video and On Call International WSU Program Summary before you travel. WSU employees no longer need to register with On Call prior to travel.

WSU partnered with On Call International to provide WSU employees with emergency and non-emergency related services and benefits to utilize while traveling. On Call International responds to critical medical or safety emergencies and can also help you resolve non-critical day to day travel problems any time you are traveling outside your home country on WSU related programs or business.

On Call Travelers Orientation for WSU (10 minute video)

On Call International WSU Program Summary (PDF provided by On Call)

Students – Work with International Programs

Official Volunteers may be eligible as provided in  BPPM 60.81 

Insurance and other risk management resources are not provided to WSU employees and volunteers for their personal travel or for family members.

Safety and Risk

The CDC and Department of State provide risk assessments and safety ratings for all countries.  The CDC’s assessment is vaccination, health and COVID-19 focused, whereas the Department of State is broad based.  WSU recommends caution and careful planning when traveling to a country with a Level 3 rating from the Department of State, especially where the rating is due to more than COVID-19. 

WSU strongly recommends against traveling to Level 4 countries.  Level 4 is rated as “Do Not Travel” by the Department of State.